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Horror Spike Hammer

Making Of / 03 November 2020

This weapon was created for a cleaving weapon 3D modelling assignment. The direction gone for was inspired by games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil 7, merging together rough wood and rusty iron to create an intimidating and scary weapon. This weapon model would be used by a boss enemy or main antagonist in a horror game to maim and intimidate.

The model itself was created from a silhouette exploratory phase taken to a line-art design from each side. Once these lines were finished and constructed, a rough blockout was created in Maya to create a low poly and hi-poly model from. This model was then textured in Substance Painter.

Image 1: A three quarter render of the final model with hi-poly details baked in, and textures complete. 

Image 2: This image is a combination style guide that captures the process of the idea exploration phase and planning phase of the weapons design. The top row is the final of all of the silhouettes that I created to determine a shape to move forward with. Through critique, the idea chosen was the hammer (fifth from the left in the top row). This silhouette was revised, and then line planning to be used as a reference in Maya was created from the revised hammer silhouette.

Additionally, a color palette and based texture thoughts were noted on the style sheet to be used later in the texturing process.

Image 3: This image is of the final low poly model, segments are separated in layers and groups for a bake by name in Substance. The total poly count is 4461 tris.

Image 4: The texture sheets from Substance Painter.

Image 5: This final image is a second render of the finished model from Substance Painter, but of the reverse 3/4 view.