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About Me

Hello! I am Thomas Novosel and I currently work as a Freelance Illustrator for the Tabletop Games industry, and as a Resident Advisor at Champlain College.

My main interests are in creating and playing gaming experiences. This led me to reach out and become involved in the Tabletop Role-Playing Game community online taking me into graphic design and layout jobs as well as illustration. In 2018 I published and released my own tabletop game ‘Runaway Hirelings’.

My hobbies outside of this professional area are: movie analysis and discussion, game mechanic analysis in tabletop role-playing games, and fiction writing (short stories and flash fiction). This takes the form of me running both a movie blog and my personal blog where I release my short stories and flash fiction.

My personal values are to spread awareness of social issues in as responsible of a way as possible, prioritizing the voices of those who are marginalized and diverse in telling their own stories. Doing this and being as honest as possible are pillars of my self in both professional and informal environments.

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